Grace Rota

Grace Rota is the lead study coordinator for SMART-DAPPER at the Univeristy of Naoribi. She is a special-needs educator with eight years of experience in social science/research. She has worked as a study coordinator in other studies related to HIV prevention care and treatment as well as in drug and substance abuse at the HIV program Family AIDS Care & Education Services (FACES), supported by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and other partnering organizations.


Ammon Allen Otieno

Ammon Allen Otieno is the assistant study coordinator for SMART-DAPPER at the University of Nairobi. His background is in Public Health, with specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He has seven years’ experience working in medical research, including four years leading research projects in both national and international research institutions. His research coverage includes mental health, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, and maternal and child health.


Peter Muchembere

Peter Muchembere is the retention officer for SMART-DAPPER at Global Programs for Research and Training. He has 11 years’ experience focusing on 1) improving retention of adults and pediatric patients in HIV/AIDS care and treatment and 2) research, including the MIND study.


Raymond Rota Obura

Raymond Rota Obura is the lead clinical evaluator for SMART-DAPPER at Global Programs for Research and Training. He has four years’ experience working in in research and served in a similar role for the MIND study. He is undertaking qualification exams to become a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a global body for professional accountants registered in the UK.



Dennis Owino Oluoch

Dennis Owino Oluoch is the assistant lead therapist for SMART-DAPPER at the University of Nairobi. He previously worked in mental health research (the MIND study) as implementation officer and a therapist. He has worked in the HIV program Family AIDS Care & Education Services (FACES) since 2005 as a social scientist. He has also served as a retention officer in three health facilities offering HIV care and treatment


Elizabeth Adhiambo Opiyo

Elizabeth Adhiambo Opiyo is the lead therapist for SMART-DAPPER at the University of Nairobi. She leads the therapy arm and research activities including supervising IPT therapists, handling clinical emergencies and carrying her own caseload. She is a psychologist and has nine years of experience in clinical trial research related to mental illness (PTSD and MDD), HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections such as cryptococcal meningitis.



Josyline Wiwo Wangia

Josyline Wiwo Wangia is a nurse and fluoxetine lead provider for SMART-DAPPER at the University of Nairobi. She has 10 years’ experience in reproductive health, focusing on 1) prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in public health and 2) clinical research on obstetrical and neonatal emergencies as master PRONTO mentor in the Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBI), which aimed at reducing mortality.

Leonard Okoth

Leonard Okoth is a nurse and fluoxetine assistant lead provider for SMART-DAPPER. 


Raphael Wambura

Raphael Wambura is a fluoxetine provider for SMART-DAPPER.  He is a Clinical Officer with a focus on Mental Health & Psychiatry and ICAP certified addiction specialist at Kisumu County Hospital Psychiatric Unit and the Lead Mental Health focal person for Kisumu Central Sub-County.  He has focused on Mental health and Psychiatry for the past 4 years. He also has 11 years in HIV prevention care and treatment with KEMRI-FACES, Nyanza Reproductive Health Society and ICAP-Kenya.

Nairobi SMART-DAPPER Staff


Anne Mbwayo

Anne Mbwayo is a clinical psychologist and a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi. Prior to joining the university, she was a teacher in various public secondary schools in Kenya for over 20 years. She is a fellow in the project Partnership for Health Research Training in Kenya. She is the local PI in the multi-site study Strengthening Mental Health and Research Training (SMART): Addressing African Youth Mental Health.

Wycliffe Kiarie

Wycliffe Kiarie is the project administrator for SMART-DAPPER. He has experience in project management, project administration and business consultancy. He has worked as a project manager for four years at WIDEWORKS Co., Ltd., and has consulted with Business Insider Kenya and other business startups.




Rachel Burger

Rachel Burger, MHS, is the UCSF study manager for SMART-DAPPER. She has fifteen years of experience conducting public health research in East Africa. Her research focus includes global mental health, the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, the integration of HIV and sexual and reproductive health services and the integration of livelihood interventions to improve health outcomes


Chenghi Jin

Chengshi Jin, PhD, MS is the UCSF data analyst for SMART-DAPPER.