Participant Voices


I was taken through the treatment process which has changed my life positively in many different ways unlike before where I had a lot of worries on what I was going to eat, school fees for my children and daily upkeep.
After all that I learnt  many skills like importance of sharing, having people around you to share what you are going through makes you to get solutions to some problems and also see a way of balancing things.

Male IPT participant, aged 50-54 years, Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) at baseline 

When I started attending weekly IPT sessions, I felt some ease and change in my life, I could now sleep efficiently until morning, perform my duties and responsibilities well without stress, and even the tiredness also sublimes, I was now re-energized with less bad memories, there was also my brothers kid who had an accident after university completion and working, he was pushed out from a running vehicle and he died instantly, this memories kept flashing in my mind.  But when I started IPT, all these memories sublimes and now I feel I’m in good health. I can just appeal to anyone who might have not joined SMART DAPPER to join, they’re helping people.

Female IPT participant, aged 45-49, Diagnosed with MDD and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at baseline

I would say SMART DAPPER really supported me, before I came here I could not even perform my duties and responsibilities well, I felt pain in body joints, too much headache and I had misunderstanding in my marriage, I used to quarrel with my spouse most of the time, I had even thought of moving out of my marriage.

SMART DAPPER has brought improvement in my life, all illness reduced, the pressure I had was all about depression and stress so when I completed 12 weeks treatment I was healed, I did not take any medication and now I’m healed, only 12 weeks of IPT. Now my business runs wells, I start at 9am until evening hours, so I have improved a lot.

Female IPT Participant, 45-49 years old, Diagnosed with MDD at baseline 

Before I joined this treatment I had a lot of stress. I could not even sit where people are. I could not talk even to my friends or even to my neighbors. I could just sit alone thinking about negative things. All the time I was just crying, all the time I was dull, I was sad.

But when I joined the treatment and start getting these drugs every day I used to make a step, good steps day by day as it was continuing with the drugs. But when I continued with the drugs until the last minute, after the treatment I saw my life it was completely changed…

Everything in my brain is thinking quickly as compared to before... As of now I am so active, I can do most of my things, I can think positively all the time, I can do everything I want..

Female flouxetine participant, 25-29 years, Diagnosed with MDD and PTSD at baseline

Before starting treatment, I was much stressed up and depressed, I was so down, very tired and I could not even sleep or perform by responsibilities as required, having bad memories, I used to be moody and isolated. When I started treatment, I felt relieved from all this bondage, I was treated and up to date I’m well.

Female fluoxetine participant, 35-39 years, Diagnosed with PTSD at baseline