AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference

July 9, 2020

IAS Scientific Workshop: Adjustments for virtual, 60min IAS workshop format

Main Organizer: Susan Meffert, MD, MPH (unchanged)

Title:  Why HIV and Mental Health Care Need to Work Together in Sub-Saharan Africa:  Collaborative Scale-Up to Address Evolving Epidemics

Workshop reference #: W-AIDS2020-05605


Learning Objectives:

•   Understand the prevalence of mental disorders in HIV-affected populations in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

•   Understand opportunities for collaborative mental health-HIV implementation research in SSA

•   Identify research needs to scale up and fund collaborative HIV and mental health care efforts

Program Description and Format:

  1. Welcome and Logistics

Dr. Susan Meffert- Associate Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF; Affiliated Faculty UCSF Global Health Sciences

  1. Opening remarks from NIMH (5 minutes)

Dr. Andrea Horvath Marques- NIMH Global Mental Health Implementation Research Program, Chief

Dr. Collene Lawhorn- NIH Division of AIDS Research

  1. Evolving Epidemics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Infectious & Non-Communicable Disease (5 minutes)   

Mental Disorder Prevalence and workforce projections to 2050

Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi- see below

  1. Why Should HIV and Mental Health Care Be Integrated and What Works? (15 minutes

Panelist Interview by Dr. Eric Goosby- UN Special Envoy on Tuberculosis, former United States Global AIDS Coordinator


Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi-Chief Research Officer, Center for Microbiology Research Kenya Institute for Medical Research (KEMRI) Research Professor, Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Global Health, University of Washington

Dr.  Simon Njuguna Kahonge- Director of Mental Health for Kenya

Dr. Hafsa Lukwata- Director of Mental Health for Uganda

Dr. Linnet Ongeri- Senior Research Officer, KEMRI

i. What are the opportunities for collaborative mental health-HIV care in East Africa?

ii. Will positive HIV-mental health care research findings be sustained by government funding?

iii. Example of integrated care delivery platforms for HIV and mental health in East Africa

  • SMART-DAPPER (NIMH R01MH113722, R01MH115512)
  1. Scaling and Sustaining HIV Mental Health Care (15 minutes)

Panelist Interview by Dr. Stefano Bertozzi- Dean Emeritus UCB School of Public Health, Professor of Health Policy and Management

What research is needed to:

i. Scale collaborative HIV-mental health care in Sub-Saharan Africa?

ii. Catalyze sustained funding for HIV-mental health care by governments or other agencies?

  1. Open Q&A, with selection of online submissions (5-15minutes)

Drs. Bertozzi, Goosby & Meffert (moderators)

  1. Closing remarks from NIMH (5 minutes)

Dr. Collene Lawhorn- NIH Division of AIDS Research

Dr. Holly Campbell-Rose- NIMH Division of AIDS Research

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Dr. Christopher Gordon (Chief of the HIV Treatment and Translational Science Branch at the Division of AIDS Research, NIH) for his contributions, support and encouragement of this workshop.